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The Surprising Benefits of Smiling.

Did you know that the condition of your teeth affect the length and quality of your life?

The appearance of your teeth influences the way you feel about your smile, and the way you feel about your smile impacts your willingness to let it show. A study conducted by the NCBI showed that poor self-esteem was an issue for more than half of individuals with minor to major oral abnormalities, such as missing, stained, or broken teeth. Unfortunately, those who keep their grins behind closed lips miss out on the abundance of (surprising) benefits of smiling.


Smiling Conditions Your Brain for Happiness

Not only does smiling lower stress levels, but it also kicks off the feel-good chemicals in your brain. According to Shawn Achor – author of The Happiness Advantage – frequent smiling has the ability to condition your brain for happiness! The more you smile, the better you feel, the more you smile! By remembering to smile more, you can make a habit out of happiness – even when you fake it! Kansas researchers conducted the infamous “chopsticks” study that showed fake smiles provide the same benefits as those that are genuine.

Smiling is Conducive to Your Health

If smiling makes you happier, then smiling makes you healthier. Studies show that happy individuals have a lower heart rate, lower stress levels, and a smaller risk of contracting heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes than those who consider themselves unhappy.

Additionally, we know that stress greatly contributes to cell mutations that lead to the development of various types of cancer. We also know that one of the many benefits of smiling is that it drastically reduces the production of cortisol – the stress hormone.

Smiling Contributes to Your Success

The psychological benefits of smiling reach far beyond your own mind to the minds of those around you. Researchers have found that those who smile more often are perceived as much more confident, trustworthy, and competent than those who don’t. You’re far more likely to nail the job or land a first date if you’re flaunting your pearly whites.

In addition to a shining first impression, your grin will also affect the mood of the individual receiving it – thanks to mirror neurons. As human beings, we are wired with neurons that are designed to reflect the actions and feelings of those around us! When you smile at someone, they will either return the grin out of instinct or common courtesy, but either way – whether it’s genuine or forced – they will reap the mental, emotional, and psychical benefits of a smile.

In short, the message of this article is simple: Smile more; you’ll live longer, feel better, and go farther.

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