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Cure Your Fear of the Dentist

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Do you get stressed at the dentist?   Cure Your Fear of the Dentist. What Causes Your Fear of the Dentist? Concerns about dental visits don’t just happen overnight for no reason.  Often times there is a specific reason that fear around dental visits has been built up.  Below are the most common causes: PTSD From Prior... Read more »

History of the Tooth Fairy

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First Tooth Fairy Experience  Do you remember losing your first tooth? Running to your mother, eyes wide, tooth in hand. Feeling terrified, your body pumping with adrenaline after you finally yanked that sucker out of your skull. Or maybe your experience was a little less… melodramatic. Regardless, we can all... Read more »

3 Alternatives to Braces

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What alternatives to braces are there? Retainers Luckily, in our day and age, we have more options than just wiring some chunky metal around our teeth and slowly watching the progress. If you’ve already had braces and are just looking to maintain the correct position of your teeth, or if you only need a small amount... Read more »