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Bad dental habits | Salt Lake Dental Clinic

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These five daily decisions are often considered the healthier choicebut they pose a great threat to the well-being of your smile.

You take great care of your teeth. You brush at least twice a day, floss regularly, and never miss a checkup. You might even consider yourself the perfect patient. Unfortunately, by-the-book oral hygiene doesn’t completely protect your pearly whites from decay, bacteria, and damage. Being the perfect patient that you are, you probably already knew that, but did you know that some of the most common tooth-conscientious substitutes are no less detrimental than what they replace?


White Wine for White Teeth

Choosing white wine over the red alternative is a popular way to avoid staining your teeth, but the effort is virtually pointless. While sipping on a glass of white wine doesn’t directly stain your teeth the way red can, both choices contain enough acids to weaken enamel and leave your teeth porous and vulnerable to stains from anything you eat or drink.


Picking Diet

It’s no secret that soft drinks are bad for you and your teeth. In an attempt to make a healthier decision, many opt for diet or sugar-free sodas, which have been argued to be even more damaging than their original alternatives. The truth is that when it comes to your teeth, the marginal difference between diet and regular soda isn’t even worth mentioning. While diet drinks deliver far less sugar, they contain plenty of artificial sweeteners, making them nearly no less acidic and just as harmful to your smile.


Skipping Soda

We tend to feel a tinge of gratification when we dodge a sugary, caffeinated, high-calorie drink and grab some fruit juice instead, but just like diet soda, the difference is marginal when it comes to the welfare of your teeth. Most store-bought juices are loaded with sugar and harmful acids. If the juice doesn’t come with a NO SUGAR ADDED label, then you may as well treat yourself to the sugary destruction of your favorite soda.


Fruit Over Fries

It’s never a bad idea to substitute the typical side dish (French fries, potato chips, etc.) with a healthier choice, but beware of an overabundant citrus intake. Foods like grapefruits and lemons have the ability to erode tooth enamel because they are highly acidic.


Rehydrating with Sports Drinks

For the sake of your smile, stick with water. Sports and energy drinks are inundated with sugar and can cause irreparable damage. The Academy of General Dentistry compares the consumption of these drinks to an acid bath for your teeth! Yikes!


When it comes to keeping your smile healthy, it’s best to avoid sugary, acidic options altogether and choose
water as often as you can. By making informed decisions, you can protect and preserve your natural teeth against undetected threats in your everyday life! Check back soon for more tips and advice from the experts at Salt Lake Dental Clinic!