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Family Dentist

Tooth Fillings

Dental cavities are common occurrences in both children and adults. If left unattended, cavities can cause serious damage and require a major procedure, such as a root canal. Fortunately, when caught early, treatment is relatively simple. Our experts gently extract tooth decay, clean the infected areas, and replace with a smooth filling that not only restores the function of the tooth, but also prevents the reoccurring spread of bacteria.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth extraction is commonly needed when the mouth is not large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth without causing the other teeth to become crooked. Ideally, this procedure can be performed when the wisdom teeth are still just below the surface of the gum and have not yet cause other teeth to shift. Our dentists can take a look and let you know whether you are likely to need your wisdom teeth removed. We can also remove wisdom teeth that have already come in and are causing discomfort or shifting in other teeth. Our experienced dentists provide safe wisdom tooth removal, and will keep you as pain free and comfortable as possible through use of an anesthetic or a local numbing agent.

Teeth Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are the key to good oral health and the prevention of cavities and tooth decay. Our experienced and caring hygienists and dentists will remove plaque and leave you with a healthy, beautiful smile. It is recommended that you get your teeth cleaned once every six months to maintain optimal oral health. If you have dental insurance, this service is usually completely covered.

Family Dentist

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